Friday, 10 April 2020

S9+ Custom Rom for J7 2015 | Easy and Best

S9+ Custom Rom for J7 2015

S9+ Custom Rom for J7 2015 is the best Pie (9.0) and Super Faster rom for J7 2015. Its an upgrade your phone Performance and that give the best gaming experience well. Most of the features are added in this rom and this Which contains the best battery management & RAM management.

Features of S9+ Custom Rom for J7 2015
- Added NativeBlur
- S9+ Bixby Vision
- Infinity Wallpapers
- Rom Control(OreoSama Control)
- Edge Lighting
- Added Night Mode(Same as BlueLight Filter)
- Screen Capture, Dolby And Screen Record Toggle
- Performance Mod For Framework Boost
- Added Huge Camera Mods
- S9+ Camera Stickers/Selfie Focus
- Added Samsung Face Recognition
- Fully Disabled Signature Verification
- DolbySpeaker Mod
- Added Latest Goodluck
- July security patch
- Added ZTO OMC
- Debloated much more
- Reworked parts of aroma/feature installing
- Updated Aroma Theme
- And many more S9+ Base features
- Oreo NFC Driver and firmware
- Oreo WiFI/BT Driver
- Switched To Quantum Kernel
- Greatly Improved Rom performance/battery
- Full ChangeLog Below
complete these following tips make sure you process will complete successfully

1. Put the S9+ Pie (9.0) Custom Rom for J7 2015 in your SD Card
2. Reboot in Recovery Mode (use Twrp or Philz Recovery Download TWRP 3) Wipe Data, Cache, Dalvik Cache and format /System (If running Philz Recovery use the "Clean before installing a new rom" option)
3. Install the S9+ Custom Rom for J7 2015.
4. Install Magisk or Supersu if you want to root.
5. Reboot. Note: First boot may take a while, that's normal.

6. Once it booted set up your device and reboot again to ensure the full performance of the rom.