Friday, 12 June 2020

Best 2 Smart Gadgets For PUBG Players | 2020

Mi Sense 2 Pack Multi USB Charger Cable(Type C/Micro USB Port)

  • Retractable 3 in 1 design which charges most of the mobile devices : Eight pin Lighting type-c micro-usb interface, all reversible (Charging only, not support data transmission)
  • Support Fast Charge-Fast charge and rapid sync cable compatible with most Apple / Android / Windows smartphones / tablets. But please use 5V/2A-2.4A output usb power adapters when charging multiple devices.
  • Portable and Super Easy for Daily Use – Our USB 3 in 1 cord is very easy to adjust the length and can be put in your handbag, laptop bag, pocket etc. Anyone can use this cable and it’s a great safe way to charge your phone wherever you are if any outlets available
  • Five Levels adjustable length – can be released from 8-20 in, just pull the both side simultaneously to fit your need. After use, in the same way to roll it
  • Long Term Warranty – If there is any problem or dislike in the process of your use of this Mi Sense retractable charge cord, enjoys
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BAVST Mobile Game Controller with Cooling Fan(iOS/Android)

  • Multifunctional: The latest version mobile game controller is a creative integration of a phone gamepad , phone triggers ,cooling fan and emergency power bank! With such massive capacity, in such a compact package,the best pubg accessories you ever need!
  • Turnover Triggers: Small yet sensitive triggers solve the problem of screen obstruction ,allowing for more screen visibility and also making the play area larger. Also,The triggers can be 180° flipped for easy Installation. It will improve your gaming experience and provide shooting speeds of up to 5 shots per second.
  • Cooling Fan & Charging bank: Our built in cooling fan decreases the chances of your device overheating in the process of mobile gaming!Integrated inside is a 2000 mAh emergency bank, perfect for any time you’re away from an outlet. Never drop the ball at a critical game winning moment!
  • How To Use: Start your game and press the “Settings”-“Control”-“Customize”. Position the “FIRE” and “AIM” buttons directly under the triggers area of contact with the screen. Positioning the controls accordingly to your unique playing style. Continue to make adjustments until you’re comfortable with the applied settings. Lastly, save your “Settings”. *Settings options may differ between different game applications
  • Tips: This controller fits different sizes of smartphones up to 6.5 inches in size, make sure your phones size and dimensions are supported before you order it.This controller may not fit some thick phone cases, in this case, please remove the case and adjust your phone, repeating instructions for setting up controls.
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